Guardian God

Although Sebiumeker was a major god in Sudan, historians do not have a lot of information about how the Kushites perceived him. Since representations of this god are often located near doorways, he is thought to have been some sort of a guardian God.

Enormous statues of this God flanked the doorways of the Amon Temple at Tabo and the Eastern Temple at Musawwarat es Sofra. Sebiumeker, along with another unknown, deity are identified at Tabo as "guardians of the temple".1

Statue of the God Sebiumeker. Bronze. From Kawa. Oxford University Excavations. Khartoum, National Museum. Source: Wildung, Dietrich. Sudan: Ancient Kingdoms of the Nile.


  • 1 Secondary source see: L. Török, The Image of the Ordered World in Ancient Nubian Art: The Construction of the Kushite Mind, 800 BC-300 AD (BRILL, 2002) 302.

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