Amulet (showing Horus). Faience. From Kurru. Harvard University-MFA Boston Exhibition. Twenty-fifth Dynasty. Source: Wildung, Dietrich. Sudan: Ancient Kingdoms of the Nile.
Horus from Nubia


Father of the Pharaohs

This God represented the concept of pharaohnicship. He was believed to be the father of all the pharaohs. A new pharaoh would often identify him/her self with Horus. His images appear on, almost, every temple in Sudan.

A translation of an offering table inscription from Semna, in Sudan, reads as follows:

"Life (to) the Horus divine of forms, he of the Two Ladies Divine of births, the Golden Horus who has come into being, Dual King Khakaura.."
(Translation from GEM)1

1 Translation from GEM, in A. Bart, "Senusret (III) Khakaure", Ancient Egypt, Dec. 2008 <>.

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