Eye of Re

Shield ring (showing the Eye of Re). In Munich. Source: Wildung, Dietrich. Sudan: Ancient Kingdoms of the Nile.
Eye of Re Nubia

Protector of the pharaohs

This Goddess was depicted as a uraeus, and was sometimes accompanied with a disk-shape. The Kushites believed that the Eye of Re watched and protected the pharaoh from enemies by spitting flames on them. Thus, to the rulers of Kush, the Eye of Re resembled the concept of being heavenly -protected. Part of an inscription found in a large cliff temple at Napata reads: ".., Eye of Re, Mistress of Heaven, queen of gods, residing in Napata;"1

This Goddess also resembled the pharaohs realm of political control. For example, Kushite pharaohs adorned their crowns with double uraeus motifs, so that one uraeus recognized their rule over Sudan and the other recognized their rule over Egypt. (The Kushites believed that the land of Egypt to be part of Sudan; hence, rejecting the notion of an independent Egypt).

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