Drawing of god Apedemac from Musswarrat es Sufra.
Apedemak Meroe

God of war and the State God of Meroe

Apedemac (or Apedemak) was supposed to resemble a lion with a human body. Since lions (as animals) symbolized the concept of power and strength, Apedemac was considered the war god of Kush. The Kushites believed that Apedemac brought victories to their armies and defeated their enemies. When Kushite pharaohs carried military campaigns, they often claimed the support and companionship of Apedemac.

Relieves of this God dominate the temple walls at Meroe and Musawwarat es Sofra as well as in many other temples in Sudan.

On a votive tablet found at Musawwarat es Sofra, King Tañyidamani expresses his gratification for the divine support of Apedemak. A translation of the tablet text, reads as follows:

1. You (it is Apedemak who) gives guidance.
2. Revitalize support (for me King Tañyidamani).
3. You guide (me) to satisfaction.
4. (And ) much reverence (for your patron).
5. Give (it) amicably (to me).
6. May (it go forth).


Temple of Apedemac, Naqa, Sudan.
Photo by: Osman Elkhair and/or Imad-eldin Ali.
Apedemak temple


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