Amulet of Amon. Source: Wildung, Dietrich. Sudan: Ancient Kingdoms of the Nile.

God of the two lands, Nubia and Egypt, and Lord of all the Gods

Amon (or Amun) was the most prominent God in ancient Sudan. Many, if not most, historians today believe that the worship of Amon had started in Sudan long before Egypt.1 Most of the temples were built in honor of this God, including the largest two temples in Sudan; the Amon temples at Napata and the Amon temple at Meroe. Moreover, Kushite kings frequently prayed to Amon for military victories. Thus was Piankhy’s prayer to God when fighting to conquer of Egypt:

“Yoke the war-hourses! Draw up the line of battle! Amon is the god who has sent us! He makes the weak strong, so that a multitude flees before the feeble, and one man takes a thousand captives. Say to Him 'Give us the way that we may fight under the shadow of Thy sword. When the young man whom Thou has sent out make their attack, let multitudes flee before them.'”2

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