The Royal City of Meroe: A Reconstruction
22" 13" Pencil, ink, and water color on paper

The drawing (in process) is a visual reconstruction of how the royal city of Meroe may have looked like in the classical era. The attempt represents a wide-range of data-collection efforts encompassing excavation reports and descriptions from classical writings.

The main sources used include:

  • K. A. Grzymski, The Meroe Expedition: Meroe Reports I (BenBen Publications, 2003),
  • L. Török, The City of Meroe: John Garstang's Excavations in the Sudan (Studies in Egyptology) (Kegan Paul International Ltd., 1994), and
  • the writings of classical geographers/ historians: Herodotus, Strabo, Pliny, and Diodorus Siculus.


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